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It's important to find a company that has been in business long enough to build up a reputation for themselves. You want to find a company that can handle just about any request they receive, from moving one professional race car to shipping several automobiles for your business or for your collection. A 50 State Auto Transport service that has been in business for several years has most likely assisted clients such as students, military snowbirds, seniors, collectors, dealers, online auctions, private owners, auto shows, expatriates, seasonal vacationers, rental car agencies, businesses, government institutions, and educational facilities. Some services you may find offered by an auto transport company include:

Process of Transportation

Once you find a transport company, be sure to look carefully over the quote they give. Once you have accepted the price that was quoted to you for transporting your vehicle, you will receive confirmation of the terms by mail, fax, or email. These terms will also list any conditions, deposits to make, and what you can expect from the company. You can then return it with credit card information/money order/or certified check information. If the company has a website, you can go on to their website and print this information yourself.

Work with Shipping Representative

Once your agreement is signed and the deposit is made, the auto transport company will then schedule your vehicle shipping. A car transporter will most likely be assigned to you and will contact you personally regarding the pick-up address and time. You will know what is going on and when. You will need to take this time to prepare your vehicle for transport. With strong communication, you stay updated on all aspects of the vehicle transportation till it reaches the new destination.

Vehicle Inspection

One of our vehicle shipping agent will arrive on the agreed upon time and pick up your automobile, inspecting it before the vehicle leaves your driveway. They will be looking for any damage that is already on your vehicle and documenting it. Once on the road, the driver will need to make necessary stops in order to load and unload other vehicles that are in transport.

Delivery of Vehicle

You will most likely receive a call at least twenty-four hours prior to delivery of the vehicle. Once the vehicle arrives, you will need to inspect the vehicle and note any damage that you find other than what was already on the vehicle. If you do notice any damage, you should immediately call the driver after ensuring that the damage you found was not already on the Bill of Lading. You will be asked to sign the form once the vehicle is in your hands.

If you are planning a coast-to-coast trip, you can expect this type of trip to take up to fourteen days, although it could take up to ten days. Factors determine how long it will take to drive this length; weather, traffic, law limitation, and more.