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Direct Auto Shipping, No Brokers

If you book your car with a middleman, they are usually post it on certain transport loading boards for the lowest possible amount and as soon as a transporting company comes it’s going to get it. You need to know that this isn’t good for you as well as for the shipping company. You are overpaying to the broker while he’s not carrying out the work himself. Furthermore, it’s also bad to call the middleman for additional information about the whereabouts of your vehicle and him failing to provide it as he’s not really aware. It’s also bad for the transportation company because it’s offering its lower rates and as such, it needs to opt for cheap insurance. Hence, in the unlikely event of damages, the company has to cover the difference.

At State to State Auto Transport Service, the most obvious way in which we take care of issues. As we are direct auto shipping no brokers company. Avoiding the middleman means that you pay the actual price of the shipping as determined by the company itself. Even though there are certain brokers in the industry which could be considered well, there are so many others which are likely to cause you some harm.

Pros and Cons of Carriers and Brokers

Now, the most considerable advantage of using a broker is the selection. He is likely to have a lot of connections with previously approved companies. He will also know how and where to post your vehicle for shipping. If you use a carrier directly, you will have to find it out yourself.

Cancellations and Fees

Brokers would usually attempt to take control over the price of the shipping. They would offer the transport company a lower amount in comparison to what the client paid so that they can realize a profit. You are likely to pay a deposit which is nonrefundable. A lot of the carriers, on the other hand, are going to allow you to cancel the payment at any given moment before the pickup date.

Guaranteed Pick-Up

While brokers can’t guarantee a thing, direct shipping companies can. Brokers have absolutely no control over the overall conduct of the carrier and that’s why they can’t make promises. At the same time, you might be capable of opting in for a door to door service – this is very convenient. However, it’s likely that you have to arrange to meet the carrier somewhere and pick up your vehicle.

There is a significant difference between using a broker and using a transport company directly. In any case, using a direct transport company is going to spare you quite a lot of hassle and potentially a certain amount of money. That is why it is important to work with a Better Business Bureau accredited company that has the requisite license and insurance.