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Transport Car from State to State by Train

Now, most people are not aware that a train which is designated to load as well as to transport cars. One of the most popular methods is through Amtrak but there is one drawback, however – the passenger needs to travel on the train while his vehicle is being transported as the latter can’t get dropped at the nearest train station without your presence there. However, if you decide to transport car from state to state by train, it can go as cargo. With this said, the service is viable priced – you car and you will travel for not a lot more than a single-person fare provided you are on a cross-country route. Keep in mind that modern trains are properly equipped and comfortable.

Clearance and Dimension Limitations

You would be able to transport standard automobiles with original dimensions, vans, trucks and SUVs. You can’t ship gull wing doors. The maximum height of the car can’t be more than 88 inches and the width – more than 84 inches. The ground clearance can’t be more than 4 inches. Factory installed ski luggage racks, for instance, are okay but temporary ones for bicycles aren’t. You can attach the latter to the roof. Just in case, you intend shipping your motorcycle along with the car, you need to be aware of the different requirements. The maximum length of the motorcycle needs to be no more than 102 inches with 51 inches of width and 72 inches of height. The ground clearance needs to be at least 5 inches. If you have a larger saddlebag, you need to remove it. You can secure the bags to the trailer or carry them on board if that’s allowed.

Checked Baggage

The service doesn’t offer any checked baggage service and you may pack your bags inside the vehicle. However, throughout the commute you wouldn’t be able to access it. The allowed amount of luggage is 2 carry-on bags for every single passenger.

Bicycle Racks and Luggage

All of the luggage and the luggage carriers need to be thoroughly removed from the top of the car – it needs to be stocked within the car itself in order to board the train. Bicycles are not allowed on board. If you have roof-mounted racks, the train wouldn’t be able to carry them. However, factory-installed roof racks are permitted but they need to remain empty. If the bicycle rack, on the other hand, is attached to the back of your car, that’s allowed.

Vehicle Responsibility

Personal baggage and other items which are in your vehicle are entirely your responsibility. There are specific rules and regulations for the overall process which could be reviewed in the company’s ticket office. The company is not capable of accepting responsibility of the aforementioned items. If there is an unlikely event of damage on your vehicle, the company will accept responsibility only if you get in touch with an official representative of the company before you leave the terminal.

Thus, it is good to contact our company and one of the business representative will be with you walk you through the complete process.