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  • - Temporary and long term storage facilities in all 50 states & overseas
  • - Air cushion suspension & satellite tracking on every car carrier
  • - Sturdy, industry approved tie-downs and vehicle securing systems
  • - Certified auto carrier in the continental U.S, Hawaii & Alaska for 25+ years
  • - Up to 33% off for ALL estimates requested through our online booking form

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State-to-state auto transport

The auto transport industry is becoming larger and larger with each passing year. As you go through life changes, it may require you to change your location for the betterment of your career, education, or peace of mind. For businesses, relocation can mean new prospects, expansion, and greater income.

Whatever the reason for moving to a new state, most individuals would prefer to have their personal vehicle. It's much more convenient this way. Just imagine having to rely on public transportation or ride-share services in a strange environment. Buying a new car in this economy might not be an option. Thus, a car shipping service is the best option.

When shipping cars, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. This will help you on your quest to find the best car shipping company in your area and give you a better understanding of what car shipping services should entail. But first, more about us and the car shipping services we have to offer

About Us

State Auto Transport is a nationwide vehicle relocation company that serves private owners, businesses, and organizations that need vehicles and fleets moved to locations across the United States and abroad.

After 30 years in the car transport industry, we've managed to climb the ranks of auto transport companies in the area. We've made quite the name for ourselves pretty early on, and it's all thanks to our founder Mike. His dream was to create a cheap car transport service without sacrificing the care and quality that makes it all possible.

Our mission has always been to provide reliable auto shipping services at a cheap car shipping price and a level of customer service that is unmatched in the car shipping industry. To this day we're constantly improving on our state car transport services, to guarantee satisfied customers and high-quality auto transport service.

We offer free phone consultations and cost estimates at no charge for all inquiries, no strings attached. Whenever you're ready to ship a car to another state, you know who to call.

Why State to State Auto Transport Company?

Finding a car transport company isn't difficult at all. Most car shipping companies have websites and a quick internet search should flood you with options. In theory, you can select the first one you see, and you can luck out and find a great car transport service. In the same breath, you can unwittingly sign up to have your car shipped by a questionable and risky company.

The only way to avoid that is by shipping cars with reputable, responsible, and reliable auto shipping companies like State to State Auto Transport. Thousands of fellow Americans have relied on us for nearly three decades, and we're committed to proving professional-level service for many more years to come.

America chose State to State Auto Transport because:

  • We can ship a car to any city, in any state, and deliver right to your doorstep
  • Full insurance coverage and modern, fuel-efficient carriers
  • Temporary and long-term storage facilities in all 50 states & overseas
  • Air cushion suspension & satellite tracking on every car carrier
  • Sturdy, industry-approved tie-downs and vehicle securing systems
  • Certified auto carrier in the continental U.S, Hawaii & Alaska for 25+ years
  • Up to 33% off for ALL estimates requested through our online booking form

If you're new to the whole idea of auto shipping, you may not understand what all this means right away. That's why we've chosen the most important questions customers have, and have created a detailed guide to answer them all.

5-Step Car Shipping Services

The entire shipping process with State to state auto transport can be broken down into 5 simple steps. It begins after you conduct your research on car transport services in your area, and select the best auto transport company you can find.

These are the car shipping steps you will take when you work with State to State car transport:

Step 1: Provide necessary information and get car shipping quote

Using our handy car shipping calculator, provide us with the information needed to produce your car shipping cost. You'll be prompted to provide personal details such as name, address, email, and phone number, along with details about the car shipment.

Once approve for transport, provide evidence of ownership, identification, and insurance coverage. Another document, your Bill of Lading, will be produced on the pick up date.

Note that we cannot ship a car to another state without all the information and documentation requested. The longer you take to produce them the longer state shipping cars will take.

Step 2: Prepare vehicle for transport

The first thing you'll want to get out of the way is getting a spare key for your auto shipping company. This is what the driver will use to load and unload your vehicle, or move it into a storage area. Do not hand over your only copy to the driver.

Remove all accessories and unplug all battery-operated gadgets like your alarm and GPS that can go off during the transport. Cover all toll tags, or remove them completely, so you won't be charged while your vehicle is on the carrier.

Remove all personal belongings, and give the vehicle a proper clean. This includes the interior, exterior, and if you want, your engine. This makes it easier to see any damages when producing the Bill of Lading.

Double-check to make sure all basic functions are operational, and your vehicle can turn, steer, brake, and accelerate. You may take your vehicle in to get washed and serviced if you don't have the time, just make sure you inspect it yourself beforehand.

Step 3: Hand over vehicle and complete Bill of Lading

Along with the truck driver and a witness, complete the Bill of Lading. The process is pretty straightforward and shouldn't take much time. You're also encouraged to take pictures of both the interior and exterior. This is also where you'll hand over the spare key that will be returned to you once your car arrives at its destination.

Step 4: Wait for arrival

Shipping a car to another state can be intimidating, especially the first time around. We won't judge you for constantly checking for updates, but know that State to state auto transport company has been doing this for a long time. The wait will go by much faster if you relax and let us do what we're good at!

Step 5: Pick up and Re-inspect

You'll be one of the first people to know your car arrived safely. Depending on the state, it will either be unloaded immediately, or it may take a few days (Hawaii, Canada, overseas territories). You'll be expected to re-inspect your vehicle using the Bill of Lading and the photos you took.

If all is well, the process ends here, and we thank you for choosing our vehicle shipping services!

There's no middle-man: Auto transport broker vs auto transport carrier

Some of the best car shipping companies have no carriers or truck drivers. So, how does this work? In the car transport industry, there are two main players, the auto transport broker, and the auto transport carrier.

The auto transport broker is a company that specializes in providing its customers with reliable auto carriers. In many cases, your internet search results will connect you to a broker. That auto transport broker then chooses the best car shipping company from their list of affiliates and sets up the whole auto shipping process.

Customers end up paying a broker's fee, along with the price of the auto transporter for shipping a car. In many cases, the broker never comes in contact with the vehicle transport or even the customer.

State-to-state auto transport does not use a middle-man and does both jobs. This works out better in your favor since it's cheaper and more straightforward, and if anything happens, you can file an insurance claim with us directly.

State Car Shipping FAQs

As long as you're working with us, or other auto transport companies with a good track record, there's virtually nothing to worry about.

Behind the wheel of every open or enclosed transport is a professional driver with years of experience and training in vehicle shipping. Every carrier is thoroughly inspected to ensure they are road-worthy and can carry out the auto transport incident-free.

Based on transport reviews from our satisfied customers, it's safe to say that we will be their #1 choice when shipping cars anywhere in the country. Interactions with our professional staff are pleasant from the beginning, which helps nervous first-time customers will be feel relaxed through the state car transport process.

Vehicle transport companies are required to be compliant with Federal Law, which involves a series of safety checks and requirements. We are proud to announce that State to State Auto Transport company is fully licensed, registered, insured, and most importantly, safe.

No. Difficulties only arise when there are adverse road conditions like thunderstorms, slippery winter roads, or traffic. This delays the vehicle transport and can cause it to arrive behind schedule. Usually, estimated arrival times account for stops and detours, and the shipment itself is only delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your vehicle is in the care of a professional driver who has traveled these routes like clockwork. If there's anyone who can ship a car from point A to point B without incident, it's our drivers!

Shipping a car to another state can take as little as a day, or two weeks, depending on distance, route, and road conditions. Traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast can be a week or two weeks, but traveling North to South and Midwest to East Coast can take 5 to 8 days.

Note that these are estimations. Car shipping can take a bit longer due to delays but can also arrive ahead of schedule. Your Customer Service Representative will have a more definite answer, so call in for more details.

Express vehicle transport

If you need to ship a car to another state much sooner than our standard car shipping time, our express/expedited vehicle transport service is for you. This service has a 24 to 48-hour pickup window which means you can ship your car to another state within 2 days (conditions apply)!

We typically transport cars using auto carriers using open transport or enclosed shipping. In some cases, our customers require our drive away services which do not involve an auto carrier.

Open air method

Most vehicles are transported using the open air method. This means that the transport carrier is not covered, and the vehicle is exposed to the elements and the public. This is pretty standard in the auto transport industry, and most other auto shipping companies offer open transport service.

Enclosed transport

At the request of the customer, other vehicles are shipped using the enclosed auto transport method. The enclosed carrier resembles shipping containers and keeps the car safe from the elements. Customers with expensive, luxury, and rare vehicles are typically the ones to request enclosed car shipping service to transport vehicles because they want them to arrive in mint condition.

Note: Vehicle shipping using the enclosed transport method costs more because fewer vehicles can fit on the carrier. It is not always necessary, and if you're having second thoughts, let us know. We can help you find the appropriate car transport method to suit your needs and your vehicle.

Drive away service

There's another, lesser know, car delivery service that we offer called 'drive away service'. If you don't mind adding the extra miles, and you're cool with your car being driven then, this is for you.

Instead of using a carrier, a professional driver drives your car to its destination. This service is usually faster because you don't have to wait for the carrier to be full for it to depart, and you have personal and direct assess to your driver.

Drive away service typically carries a flat rate, so just let us know where it needs to go, and we'll get it there.


Car delivery service to Alaska with State to state auto transport includes the use of a carrier and ship. The shipment is brought to Seattle, Washington, or California, and is sent via ship to Anchorage, Kodiak, or Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

Once at the port, the car transport is picked up and brought to a respective terminal or your door. This saves us both the hassle of processing the shipment through Canadian customs, and lengthy checks when leaving the country. But, if that's what you prefer, it can always happen that way.

There are also storage options which include bringing your car sooner than the drop off date, and picking it up past the delivery date (at an additional cost). If you require storage, let it be known ahead of time so appropriate preparations can be made.


Unlike Alaska and other states, vehicle shipping to Hawaii has a different set of regulations, and you will be charged import duties. You won't be allowed to ship any personal belongings or car accessories with your vehicle to Hawaii, but you can leave a car seat inside.

The vehicle will depart from one of three ocean ports in Richmond, California, Seattle, Washington, and Long Beach California, and take about 5 days to arrive in Hawaii. Upon arrival, it will take another 5-7 days for your vehicle to be unloaded from the container. You may store the vehicle at the port for up to 5 days, but after that, it's $35 per day.

Ship a car to Canada

Shipping a car to Canada is considered international car shipping even though we share a land border. There are more regulations regarding auto transport when shipping to Canada, and some vehicles do not meet these requirements. To find out which vehicles don't meet this criterion, check The Registrar of Imported Vehicles.

If your vehicle meets the auto transport criteria, you must present the Original Vehicle Title to show ownership. The vehicle transport will take about 10 to 14 days to arrive. Once in Canada, road conditions and city restrictions will determine if the vehicle transport can be brought to you. Otherwise, it will be dropped off at the closest possible alternative location.

You shouldn't assume every car transport company can ship a car overseas because state car shipping services aren't the same thing.

International car shipping is more complex than domestic or state car transport. On top of all the regulations involved with car shipping in the United States, we also have to deal with the car import and immigration laws for the destination country.

Since each country is different, we can't give you a specific answer here about how much it will cost, and all the documentation you will need for auto shipping. For specific vehicle shipping information, go ahead and give us a call, or do some research online.

At a minimum, you'll need custom duties and tax, insurance, an International Driver's license, proof of ownership, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and proof of identification for international car shipping. You'll also have to choose between container shipping and RoRo (roll on roll off) shipping. These are the maritime versions of enclosed transport and open air method respectively.

Your presence is required to receive the vehicle once it arrives, but in many cases, you can appoint a consignee upon booking the international car transport. He/she must present Photo Identification before the vehicle is handed over to his/her possession.

How much does car transport/car delivery cost?

Car transport costs vary depending on several factors. The most important factor is distance/mileage, route, vehicle type/size, and car transport method. Other considerations when shipping cars include the number of vehicles, functional/nonfunctional, and season.

Usually, the further the vehicle transport is the more it will cost to ship a car. But, if the route is common, it may cost less than a transport that has to travel a relatively shorter distance. Larger vehicles cost more to transport, as well as expensive or luxury vehicles.

If you're looking for cheap car shipping, the open air method is cheaper than enclosed auto transport since more vehicles can be transported on the carrier. And, if you require door-to-door service, expect to pay a little more for this open transport service. During the slower months, you'll be more likely to get cheap car transport costs as demand declines. Expect to see rates jump during peak season.

If you plan to ship multiple vehicles, you'll naturally pay more for vehicle transport. Plus, if you transport car that is not functional or operable, it will also attract an extra cost.

It's not us that doesn't allow you to ship a car filled with your personal belongings. The US Department of Transport says we can't do it on a truck that's licensed to carry automobiles. For this, you'd need moving truck services.

While we won't mind you putting a suitcase or two in the truck, we'd be violating a Federal Law and can be fined up to $10,000 or even lose our license!

Our State car shipping company is not responsible for any loss or damage to any of these items. If you have any queries or concerns about this, be sure to reach out to us for more details.

You trust us to keep your vehicle secure on the carrier during transport. This is why this auto shipping company uses straps over chains.

Though manufacturers began including hooks and holes in the car's frames specifically for chains, people still put them in the wrong holes and hooks. Sometimes, the chain is too tight, and can even bend the frame. It's not unheard of for chains to cause paint damage. Straps are much easier to use and are less likely to cause cosmetic damage when used properly.

With that being said, every State to State Auto Transport driver is properly trained and adequately experienced in using both tie down options.

Auto shipping can be scary. You're just handing off your vehicle to people you've never met before, then you have to wait and hope for a few days that nothing happens to your car.

The law mandates that every state car transport company should have insurance coverage. This insurance covers anything that happens during loading and unloading, major changes in the vehicle's condition, and other damages during handling.

Consider additional insurance when shipping a car with a big price tag, or any vehicle that is considered rare or classic.

Your car tank should be no more than 1/4 way full. If brought to the terminal full, the gas tank will be drained, most likely at an additional cost, before it can be cleared for transport.

Your car is not required to be operational for car shipping with most companies, but if it's not, you must specify before drop-off/car pick up date. Operational means the car can be safely operated, and can steer, brake, and accelerate using its own power.

We transport cars that are not operational, however, this requires more effort on the part of the car shipping company, so it will cost a little bit more to ship. If you don't prepare the car shipping company for this service, you may face an even steeper penalty.

Yes. This is called door-to-door service and involves the driver picking up your vehicle at your home or a location of your choice, and dropped off in the same manner. This is a great option for customers who have busy lives, and can't find the time to visit the terminal, especially during a move. You can also use it if you have a rare or expensive vehicle you don't want to risk damaging by driving it around.

The alternative is dropping the vehicle off at a location we choose. This is called Terminal to terminal shipping. It's cheaper since you make our jobs easier when you transport car to terminal yourself, and we save a bit of time.

Once you hand over the correct documentation, the vehicle, and of course, your payment, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do at this point is wait for the state car transport to arrive.

Once your car arrives, it will be unloaded and prepared for inspection. This involves going over the Bill of Lading, checking the odometer, and reviewing the pictures you took on pick up day.

Do not simply glance at the inside and outside. On the exterior, look at the door handles, check the frame for damage, and look for dents and scrapes. Check the tires and the underbody of the vehicle, and look for cracks on the windscreen and mirrors.

Once inside the vehicles, look around for any dirt smudges, marks, or tears that weren't there before. Check the windows to make sure they go up and down and make sure the locks are still working. Lastly, run and drive your car. This means starting it without a jump, making sure the transmission shifts into gear, and checking if the car can accelerate on its own.

When you are satisfied, sign off on the transport and bring your car home!

Hauling motorcycles

Motorcycle shipping involves more than just motorcycles. It also involves ATVs, dune buggies, UTVs, sand rails, golf carts, dirt bikes, etc.

We know that shipping motorcycles and similar vehicles can be tricky due to their light weird and size. However, we take special care to ensure the shipment is properly positioned and packaged on the open or enclosed carrier, to prevent scraping, jostling around, and any type of cosmetic damage.

Heavy equipment/Oversize shipping

Size is not an issue when it comes to our expert shipping services. We consider all vehicles larger than the standard sedan or crossover to be an oversized vehicle. Your SUV for example would fall under this category, along with:

  • Dump trucks
  • Plow trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Compactors
  • Backhoes
  • Water trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Lifts

And the list goes on. If you want to learn more about open transport and oversized vehicle, give us a call. You name it, we move it.


If you own a boat, you don't have to worry about having to sell it. You can absolutely bring it with you, as long as you properly prepare it, and schedule pickup. Most auto transport companies are not responsible for preparing their boat for transport. If you fail to prepare your boat, we won't be held liable for damages. With that being said, all drivers responsible for shipping boats have experience with all of the above, so there's nothing to really worry about.

Start by measuring your boat, or getting its dimensions (length, height, width). Then, choose a nearby marina with all the equipment necessary to load/offload your boat, and a service bay for disassembly/reassembly. The rest is left up to us.

Does State to state auto transport ship RVs?

Along with everyday private passenger vehicles, State to state auto transport company also offers RV shipping. It is possible to drive it yourself because that's what these types of recreational vehicles are for, but this will take quite a bit of planning. If you don't have the time to chart a course, especially when it involves rest stops, dump stations, and refueling, using an auto transport service is the best bet. Plus, you won't have to put more miles on your RV than needed.

Shipping an RV is different in the sense that it's larger than most vehicles, and will require special service to get it where you need it to go. Let us handle all your RV auto transport needs, and take the guesswork out of moving your vehicle.

College students

Even though they are in college now, many parents still say no to allowing their kids to drive cross-country, especially if they're freshmen. It's too much for an inexperienced driver, plus there's a ton to do to get ready for classes to keep you busy. State car shipping is an attractive option because it's safer, saves time and effort, and gives you more time to spend with the family.

Military personnel

Along with all the other sacrifices, military personnel and military families make for our country, they also have to move a lot. Besides the cost, the headache of moving everything is why many people hire moving and car shipping companies.

We want to show you how much we value you, so all active duty service members are automatically granted a 10% discount when they use us to ship cars state to state. This includes all branches of the military such as the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Department of Defense.

Whether you need to move your entire fleet to another part of the country or have a car you need to deliver to a customer elsewhere in the state, shipping cars is much simpler with State to State Car Shipping.

Instead of having your customer hound you for weeks about having their car delivered, let us take care of the state car shipping part for you. We can slash your delivery time by at least half, and keep your customers happy.

We can also perform dealer trades on your behalf. This speeds up the process and saves you travel time. That means more time on your lot working your charm!