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If you have never moved before, it can be hard to know what you are going to need until it is too late. If you have moved before, sometimes it's just nice to have a friendly reminder. At State To State Auto Transport, we know that determining the things you will need when preparing for a move can be difficult, sometimes we think that we have everything we need when in fact we don’t. This is where the hassle and stress starts, you’ll find yourself walking around searching frantically for things because the movers will be arriving soon. Being unprepared especially when packing is a nightmare and things can only get worse. To help you out, we at State To State Auto Transport have listed packing supplies that you’ll need. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Moving boxes

Extra Large (23×23x16) – These super large boxes are perfect for packing comforters, pillows, blankets, clothes, and other light yet bulky items.

Large (20×20x15) – Perfect for packing items like lamps, stereos, computers, and other large items.

Medium (18×14x12) – These are easy to carry boxes and perfect for packing books, collectibles, kitchen wares, memorabilia’s, and other items. You can even store clothes in them.

Wardrobe boxes (24×24x40) – I actually call them a moving closet since you can hang dresses in them. Perfect for storing dresses and seasonal clothes. This also prevents dreaded wrinkles since you don’t have to fold your clothes during the move.

Kitchen moving boxes (18×18x22) – Delicate kitchen items need extra care when moving so make sure to use kitchen moving boxes as they are reinforced and heavy-duty.

Tape and Dispenser

Securely taping your boxes is important. I suggest taping the bottom of the box before packing to reinforce it. Also, make sure that you are using a moving tape as they are more flexible and durable than ordinary household tapes.

Bubble Wrap and Stretch Wrap

Wrap fragile items such as vases, china’s, glass wares, etc… with bubble wrap and protect tables, sofas, and dressers with a stretch wrap.

Packing paper

Used to fill empty spaces and provide extra cushion. Crumple the paper and insert it into any extra space in your moving box. This is to prevent the items from bumping off each other during the move. Some people use old newspapers as packing papers but the ink tends to rub off and into some of the items.

Mattress covers

Prevents your mattress from getting all grimy and dusty during the move. Mattress covers are available in twin, queen, and kings sizes.

Moving blankets and pads

These are designed to protect large items that won’t fit in a box.


Used to label moving boxes. Those are the essentials when moving or when preparing to move. Tip: Make sure that all your boxes are ready and properly labeled before the moving guys arrive, you do pay them by the hour and having them wait outside is a waste of money.