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(888) 231-3864 State To State Auto Transport - Door to Door vs. Terminal

Door to Door Pros

Shipping your vehicle door to door can save time and cut down on potential damage. When your vehicle is Transport door to door it is usually picked up by the same truck that delivers it and this cuts down on potential damage. By having your vehicle stay on the same truck avoids transferring it from truck to truck or truck to terminal and this cuts down on potential damage. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Door to Door Cons

When Transport your vehicle door to door you have to make yourself available to the driver for pick up and delivery. The driver will usually call 24 hours in advance to make an appointment with you and he will usually give you a two to three hour window for pick up and delivery. Door to door Transport can potentially cost more then using a terminal.

Terminal Pros

A terminal pickup and delivery can be popular to some customers because you can drop and pickup your vehicle when its convenient for you.

Terminal Cons

Terminals can be convenient, but the risk of damage on your vehicle rises considerably. When your vehicle is sitting in a busy lot this increases the risk of damage. When a car goes from a terminal it will usually go on multiple truck and this increases the risk of damage as well. Vehicles that go to terminals tend to take longer to arrive at their destination because Transport companies will let them set until the right truck comes along.

Door to Door vs Terminal Conclusion

If you have time to wait around for the driver then door to door is the fastest and most reliable way to Carriers your vehicle. Door to door Transport cuts down on the risk of damage considerably. We would only recommend terminal use if you can’t wait around for the driver. If you would like to use a door to door carrier but can’t wait around for the driver you can leave your keys with a neighbor, doorman or associate. Keep in mind that they would have to sign for the vehicle, so use someone you can trust!