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Even if you are experienced at moving, moving internationally can be a complex task. Each country has a different set of rules on what you are allowed to bring in. Also, an international move takes much more involved coordination and planning than a domestic move.

Choosing an International Moving Company

As with any other move, you want to pick a moving company like State To State Auto Transport that will handle your move professionally. You want the moving company to navigate all of the requirements for the country you are moving to. This includes getting the right documents and being able to give you advice on any other requirements of the country. Make the moving company work for you. Take it from a professional this will save you a lot of headache later on. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

What is allowed into a country is at the discretion of the said country. No shipment will be allowed without the packing and inventory completed by professional international movers like State To State Auto Transport. This is to insure that the shipment adheres to a strict list of prohibited items and is also inventoried correctly.

An international move will not be something that happens overnight. This will take at least a month of planning and coordination. The bulk of the time will be spent in the area of paper work. But your we at State To State Auto Transport will be able to guide you through this process.

Once all of the documentation is in order and you have had your items picked up at the point of origin, transit time will vary depending on time of year in which you wish to ship; usually 30 to 60 days.

Here's how an international move will unfold:

Having these service providers closely coordinated throughout the international move process is a must if you want everything to go smoothly. Having one point of contact with your U.S.-based international moving company will help this happen.

The experience and the reputation of the international moving company you use is of highest priority. For less anxiety and concerns, you should find a company that can accurately track your shipment from beginning to end.

As you can probably see there are many little details that need to be taken care of in order to insure a successful move. Therefore, you want to do a lot of research on the company that you will be choosing. Make sure that the company can handle all of these details. The more quotes the better. 3 to 5 quotes from licensed, professional companies will help you to get the best company for your move. You want the moving company that you choose to have prior experience with moves to the particular country or region of the world that you are moving to. This will always ensure a much smoother move.

The cost of moving internationally is expensive because of the number of parties involved and the cost of travel. The charges incur based on the weight of your goods and the services required. The company must then supply certified documents of your container and complete inventory documents for each items.