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(888) 231-3864 State To State Auto Transport - Broker vs. Carriers

If you need to utilize the services of an Car Shipping company, there are some basic things you should know before choosing a reliable company. The first is which type of company to use. You have 2 options, Car Shipping carrier or broker? Both can get your car from place to place, but there are some distinct differences you should know before you settle on a Auto Transport company.

Auto Transport Carriers

The Auto Transport carriers will move your car; they are the ones that have trucks, carry insurance and have the authority to move your car. The typical Car Shipping company may not do a lot of advertising and can be difficult to find directly. This is because the typical Auto Transport company has been around a few years and has an existing base of Car Shipping customers. These companies usually rely on their base for the bulk of their Car Shipping and use Internet based dispatch boards to fill space on their trucks.

Car Shipping Brokers

The Auto Transport brokers do not have trucks and use a network of Auto Transport carriers to move cars for them. So they just “sell” the customers on their ability to facilitate and oversee the Auto Transport and use Car Shipping carriers to physically move the vehicle. Typically, when you are looking on the Internet for a Car Shipping company, you will find a broker because they invest more into advertising and Car Shipping carriers have no choice but to invests their money into fuel, insurance and other operational cost. The reality in this business is…many of the Car Shipping companies that you find on the Internet are brokers who can do a great job of moving your vehicle but will not be the ones that do the work. So you are paying a “middle man” to find the company that will move your vehicle.

In nearly all cases, Auto Transport brokers will never meet you face to face or even see or touch your vehicle. They are simply middlemen who make it all happen and take a cut off the top. Many Auto Transport brokers will require a nonrefundable deposit; this is usually their “cut” and is either a percentage of the entire Auto Transport fee (which can be as high as 50%) or a flat rate. The Car Shipping broker flat rate can start as low as $50 per car up and go as high as $300 or more. The more exotic type of vehicle Car Shipping you need, the higher the fee. These Car Shipping brokers usually get their cut off the top (which is why they require a deposit) than you pay the balance to the company who will move your car. You should know that this is how many brokers work, but not all. If you are ready to go, please fill out our Transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

There is actually another type of Auto Transport company. This type is a hybrid of a Auto Transport broker and carrier. They have the trucks to move your car but are also authorized to be a “middle man” on your behalf. This is the type of company that State To State Auto Transport is, we are a full service vehicle Auto Transport company. We have trucks and are more than willing to use our trucks to get where you need to go. In some cases, when our Car Shipping trucks are not accessible or on the other side of the country, we use our extensive database of reliable Car Shipping carriers to move your car; to us, this is a perfect world because we can evaluate what is truly best for you, the Car Shipping customer.

Working With State To State Auto Transport Reliable Carriers - The Upside

Working With Car Shipping Carriers - The Downside

Dealing With Car Shipping Brokers - The Upside

Dealing With Car Shipping Brokers - The Downside

Typically, Car Shipping your car goes off with out any problems and both the reliable Car Shipping carrier and the Car Shipping broker can move your vehicle for you. It is like any industry; so long as everyone does what he or she says, life is grand. The issue arises when promises are vacated and service is sub par.

At State To State Auto Transport, we feel that because we are both a reliable carrier and broker, we offer a significant competitive advantage over just a carrier or just a broker. No matter whom you use, we challenge you to research the company and make sure their track record is that of a safe and reliable Car Shipping company! Call us today to speak with our team about fulfilling all your Car Shipping needs!