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What’s The Difference between Open Trailer, Enclosed Trailer or Train Car?

When shipping your car, you will find that you have a lot of different options to choose from. From open auto transport to enclosed trailer auto transport, you can even choose car shipping by rail as well. To learn more about your auto shipping options, here is a quick summary of your choices.

Open Trailer Vehicle Transport

This type of shipping is also known as an 'open' car shipment. It is the most affordable way to move a vehicle for long distances. If you choose open trailer vehicle transport, your vehicle is picked up at your home or destination that you have chosen so you don't have to worry about finding the right drop off place. Once your vehicle is ready to load, it will be loaded onto a bonded and insured carrier that will hold your vehicle along with six to ten other vehicles. It's affordable because you will only pay for the spot that your car takes up on the carrier.

Enclosed Trailer Auto Transport

Because an open carrier is, well open, most car collectors or those who may own a high-end premium vehicle will often choose to ship the vehicle in an enclosed trailer instead. This method of shipping is more expensive because the vehicle is inside a trailer and is protected from the harsh elements not to mention the A1 security measures that an enclosed trailer can offer. When transported in an enclosed trailer, the vehicle is locked up inside.

Car Shipping by Rail

Vehicles can be transported by rail and it's just as easy as it is on the road. In this method of shipping, it's easy to pack up the trailers full of cars, trucks, as well as vans and have them headed down the tracks. You can choose to ship your vehicle by cargo train if you want. Many people choose rail to ship vehicles if they have a brand new vehicle ordered or transferred to them. Not many vehicles on a train will be privately owned; most of them belong to the factory headed for a dealership.

You can only ship your vehicle by rail if you are going to specific destinations. You will need to assume responsibility for delivering your vehicle by train. You will also need to assume responsibility for your vehicle when choosing an open or closed carrier due to the fact that vandalism and damage can be done to a vehicle when traveling.

Amtrak’s Auto Train

If your destination is to travel between Washington, DC and central Florida, you may want to explore the option of shipping your vehicle by way of Amtrak Auto Train. This is a 900 mile journey that your vehicle will take in an enclosed rail car and you have the option to pack up your vehicle with your personal belongings too so everything can reach the destination at the same time.

If you choose Amtrak, or are considering Amtrak, you should know that Amtrak can only offer car shipping on one route and the driver will need to be traveling on the train with the vehicle so you will need to have time to ride the train during transport.

When shipping your car, it's very important that the company you choose to transport for you specializes in that type of transporting. Some companies only transport services on the side and don't have the full devotion of transporting completely.